What we’re made of? “Sustainability, Quality, Trust, Ethical & Fair Practises”

Sustainable Textiles

Textile production is one of the most polluting industries. It generates more CO2 emissions than most other manufacturing industries. We are constantly developing our network of suppliers for fair trade, organic and sustainable fabrics, and love advising our clients on their options and availability for such fabrics. Alternatively, we are also happy to receive fabrics at our unit for sampling and production, that is chosen and selected by designers themselves.

Recycled & Handwoven Fabrics

Cutting waste from garment industries are discarded, which eventually get accumulated at landfills. Such wastes can be shredded mechanically into fibers, and spun into yarns. These yarns are then constructed into upcycled textiles. We work closely with Khaloom that create these recycled fabrics, handwoven by a cluster of weavers in Bangalore and made into garments, and home products. The hand-woven fabrics are made from recycled yarns that let us connect ancient traditions with today’s need for sustainability and circularity.

Organic Cotton & Other Sustainable Fabrics

We work with various organic cotton makers based in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and South India. These vendors usually carry a wide array of organic fabrics like Linen, Hemp, Tencel, Peace Silk, Bemberg, Modal, and more. Based on the requirement of the designer, we source swatch books from our suppliers and send them to the designers for the process of fabric selection.

Pure Silks

Being located in South India, we work very closely with a large number of silk suppliers. An artisan cooperative in the north of Bangalore have been operating for almost 30 years, harvesting silk worms and ensuring that the silk worms are not harmed while extracting the silk filament from the cocoon. The silk is woven into various blends like raw silk, crepe, satin silk, peace silk and more.

Block Printing

We’ve partnered with Tharangini in Bangalore for all our block printing processes, and work closely with Padmini’s expertise for various discharge and pigment printing. Setup in 1977, Tharangini is a family-owned studio, working with sustainable and ethical design principles. They have one of the largest private collections of Indian patterns and designs, almost 5000+. These range from rare vintage patterns, to contemporary, each lending itself to a plethora of unique projects in textile, interiors and more.

Natural Dye

Natural Dyeing is the process of dyeing with colours found in nature in the form of fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc. It used to be one of the most common practises in India. We work with a cluster based in Bangalore and Maharashtra that use natural ingredients to create beautiful earthly shades for our garments. The colours are restricted and have slight variations in shades.

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