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Our Process, Lead time & Pricing

We cover all aspects of manufacturing and provide a full service solution from design, sampling, pattern making, fabric sourcing, stitching, embroidery, fabric printing and shipping. Our strength lies in the skills and dexterity of our demanding seamstresses, which is why we enjoy the trust and goodwill of our clients.

For a full service solution we follow:

Sourcing -> Pattern Development -> Prototyping -> Fittings + Revisions -> Sampling -> Grading -> Cutting -> Stitching -> Finishing -> Quality Check -> Dispatch

Our leads times are usually 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the designs, quantity of production, suppliers lead time and on-going production schedule at the Blank Studio. We are a small batch facility that focuses on ethically made garments. We take time to create garments, making the most of fabrics to reduce wastage. Our prices are based on the time it takes for one sewer to sew one full garment, to ensure quality, consistency and a sense of pride and ownership towards their work. Prices are dependent on the design, and we’d be able to give you estimates after seeing the designs.


Design Development & Tech Packs

For designers or brands that require technical assistance with their product vision, we work with professional designers to create tech-packs, spec sheets or measurement guides that form a critical part of the sampling and production process. We can also help you with your existing spec sheet, suggestions on fabric and guidance on measurement and construction detail.

Pattern Making & Sampling

A pattern is a core guide for the production process that is used as a blueprint for constructing a garment. A good pattern considers design, balance and fit on the body and expresses the designers idea accurately. As a manufacturer, we translate designs into a perfect technical pattern to ensure consistency, quality, right fit and reduced wastage.

The sample is the first output that a designer sees. Our skilled team of sample sewers will translate the pattern into the final product, which is then sent to the designer for fit assessments and revision.

Production / CMT

Production is our core service where we cut, stitch, trim, finish designs into fully produced garments ready to be shipped. We believe in transparent manufacturing, wherein we connect with designers via WhatsApp, Email, Video calls, who are sitting miles away with the entire production process. Out studio is equipped with the latest and best machinery including cutting machines, flat stitching, thread overlocks, steam irons, button hole, etc. We ensure production standards are met and trust is built for a long standing relationship

Fabric Sourcing

We work with artisan partners across the country to source organic and sustainable fabrics, and love to connect our designers and help them source thr right fabric for their collection. Alternatively, we’re equally excited to create garments from fabrics that are directly sourced by the designer and sent to our studio. We have identified partners for handwoven fabrics, silk and silk blends, Tencel, linen, hemp and more. We also have an in-house team of embroiders, and work with partners for block printing, screen printing and digital printing, along with natural dyeing of fabrics.


India has been the land of skilled artisans for various kind of hand embroideries like ari, zardozi, kantha, and more. Our artisans are trained in the art of hand embellishments, that convert designs into drawings, which is then printed with a chalk onto the garment to create the design with threads, beads, sequences, crystals and more. We assist our clients to bring their visions to life, with unique embroidery designs.


When we say we provide end-to-end services from design to final product, we truly mean it. We work with a supplier to achieve quality woven labels and clothing labels for brand, size and care labels. We can either create the design for you, or work with your designs to get the desired labels. The labels are then attached to the garments, giving them a brand identity.

Garment Tags & Primary Packaging

One of the key values of Blank Studio is to reduce the amount of waste the fashion industry produces. All our fabric scraps and production waste is sent to our partner that uses these fabric scraps to make paper. The handmade and organic paper is tree-free, which means it re-uses paper and fabric scraps, thus reducing wastage and creating a circular economy. The paper is utilized by us to make garment tags, notebooks, or bags for packaging.

Want to work with us?

We are not just a manufacturer but your partners. We commit to ensuring that the brands we work with, are treated like our own, and their success is our success.