zero waste paper

Let’s make the creation process, a lot more meaningful

Blank Studio is a community of designers, entrepreneurs, product developers, pattern markers, tailors, weavers, block printers, embroiders, merchandisers, buyers, photographers, and more. One thing we all have in common is our effort to work towards a sustainable future for our planet.

Indian is a massive garment manufacturing hub. The downside of this growing industry is the amount of fabric waste that gets accumulated in the landfills.

At Blank Studio, we continually aim to minimize the waste that is created during the process of garment making. Waste gets generated at multiple stages – at the cutting table when the master marks out the pattern, and the sides fall off as waste. Also during the process of stitching when certain parts of the fabric needs to be cut into the desired shape. These tiny pieces of waste are referred to as ‘Chindi’ in Hindi.
We collect this waste into bags, and send it to our partners situated in Bangalore to convert them into paper. The fabric waste is beaten up to form pulp, which is then used to convert handmade paper. The paper made from fabric waste is 100% sustainable, upcycled and recycled. There are no trees cut to make this paper, as it’s made of fabric waste.

Isn't this truly circular?

We use this paper to create swing tags, business cards, gift cards, paper bags, notebooks, envelopes, and many other products for our clients. This truly closes are loop for helping in contributing towards a circular economy.

Want to work with us?

We are not just a manufacturer but your partners. We commit to ensuring that the brands we work with, are treated like our own, and their success is our success.