Blank Studio is a social enterprise manufacturing garments and home products for emerging designers across the globe


Blank Studio provides garment design and production services to ethical and sustainable fashion designers across the globe, by employing women from marginal communities and helping them support their families. We support small batch manufacturing through a collaborative process with the artisanal community, to encourage fair exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Women Empowerment

We are an ethical manufacturer and we are a community of women that create beautiful garments envisioned by our designers. We provide vocational training to homemakers of marginal communities and provide their families with dual-income opportunities. These women are self-autonomous, financially independent and an inspiration to other women in their society.

Brands – Designers - Partners

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Sustainable Fabrics

We partner with various communities in India that make sustainable, fair trade and recycled fabrics. We support and collaboratively work with these artisanal communities to provide the desired fabric for our clients.

Circular Economy

Blank Studio is an impact-drive business, valuing social and environmental sustainability. With the aim to eliminate waste and build a circular economy, we partnered with a social business to use our fabric scraps and make paper and paper products for our designers. This paper does not cut trees, but instead helps in planting more trees.